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Nappie Info

Being a mom of 2 kids, I was always unhappy about the disadvantages ofso-called cotton nappies. So I started designing a completely new one-size nappie system. We have put the focus on quality and easy handling—with all the love and care your baby needs.

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“one size Bendel nappie" in pure cotton for growth from 3,5 kg - 17 kg.Information 1

Why are the snaps in the center of the nappie?

  1. This ensures the perfect fit, even around the legs.
  2. The snaps do not impact on the stretch around the leg.
  3. The stretch around the leg fits every leg size.
  4. When the baby is crawling, the snaps cannot open on the belly of the baby.







 Information 2

  1. Absorbent layer covers the entire wetting zone: perfect absorbency that is of special importance for baby boys.
  2. Heat-resistant elastic band at the back and around the legs: zig zag sewing ensures perfect leakage protection, high elasticity for perfect fit.








Information 3

  1. Additional fleece Velcro closure to set the right size for newborns
  2. Flexible Velcro closure for perfect fit around the waist
  3. Adjustable size (S, L, XL) with  3 sewn snaps in a row. Fast and easy adjustment






Important points that distinguish our nappies from others.


Special Quality Features.


Cost Comparison

With disposable  nappies
4000 - 6000 disposable nappies (0.25 EUR each) are required until the end of potty training (Berlin Consumer Association). Add the costs for garbage collection.  
Costs for 5000 disposables: 1.250,00 EUR
“Bendel Komfort” nappies
20 nappies incl. liners + 12 covers (3 per size) 394,00 EUR
Laundry (water, power, detergent) 170,00 EUR
Total: 564,00 EUR
Total expenses for one child
Disposables 1.250,00 EUR
Bendel complete set (incl. laundry costs) 564,00 EUR
Total savings for one child: 786,00 EUR



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